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Top 5 “Vegetarian on the Go”

Travel and Vegetarianism don’t always go hand in hand. I work and live in a fairly vegetarian and vegan friendly area. So things get rough sometimes when I travel. But for every not so ideal situation, there are about five others which went fantastically well. Here’s one example: a restaurant was about to close for the night but allowed us in and prepared a fresh and delicious vegetarian meal for a friend and I. We were so grateful to them! What made it even better was that it was a family owned restaurants and the chef and his children were all helping out. It was almost like a meal at a friend’s house. But now on to the not so great “being a vegetarian” moments!

Presenting: Top five things I’ve heard as a “Vegetarian on the Go” Continue reading Top 5 “Vegetarian on the Go”

Cambodia. Beyond Angkor.

In November 2016, your wannabe vagabond spent a few days in Cambodia. So why Cambodia? Why Siem Reap specifically? Answer: Travel goals, bucket list, 52 page passport, Angkor Wat, the whole nine yards. Typical tourist reasons. I’m a total geek for architecture, temples and all things history. Did Angkor Wat meet my expectations? Heck yes! It was everything I expected and more. Bayon, Ta Prohm, Angkor.  Even in the endless heat and humidity (my shirt was literally dripping with sweat!) and with an occasional downpour or two, Angkor was a feast for both the eyes and mind. Continue reading Cambodia. Beyond Angkor.