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Musings: Bhutan is unique and special but not for everyone

One of my main takeaways from my recent trip to Bhutan and India (Kolkata, Sikkim) is this: Bhutan is a unique and special destination but not for everyone. Independent travel and backpacking is unheard of as tourists require a guide and a driver. There’s also a daily tariff which is high but also all-inclusive and include guides, drivers, daily meals and entrance fees.  Continue reading Musings: Bhutan is unique and special but not for everyone

Ten hour layover in Tokyo? No problem!

So you have a long layover in Japan and aren’t sure what to do with all the extra time? How about just stay at the airport? Maybe catch up on sleep? Shop some more? Eat some more? All are great options but how about leaving the airport and traveling the local area?

On my way back from a two and a half week trip in Thailand and Cambodia, I had a 10 hour layover at Tokyo Narita Airport. Given the crazy traveler that I am, I decided to venture out and see Japan as a first time tourist. Now comes the tough decision? Do we (where we = Sonya and younger sister) actually venture into Tokyo on our own or take a guided tour and visit nearby Narita? Tough decision. We decided we were tired after a red-eye from Bangkok to Narita and opted for more straightforward option. The Narita Transit program. It was a safe and cheap option which would enable us to see Japan and also get another passport stamp. Who doesn’t like an extra passport stamp?  Continue reading Ten hour layover in Tokyo? No problem!

Ocean Playground: Kayaking in Southern Maine

I enjoy kayaking but I wouldn’t consider myself anything close to an expert. Hiking is more my forte. Anyway, there IS a difference between kayaking on calm, still water and kayaking in the rough waters with crazy tides and currents.  I learned that lesson the hard way.  I am always up for a challenge even if I end up looking like a fool. The last time I went real kayaking in big bad ocean water was in Costa Rica in 2014.

Kayaking to Isla Chora in Samara, Costa Rica

But it was a short kayak trip  Continue reading Ocean Playground: Kayaking in Southern Maine