About Sonya


Welcome! I’m Sonya and as you can tell by the name of this site, I love to travel and explore new places. I’m a daydreamer, dreamer, creator, explorer. For me travel is all about exploring new places and cultures, meeting new people, getting lost, getting blisters, buying as many magnets as I can! Travel is an adventure. Travel can be about visiting historical sites, climbing mountains, driving through a scenic route or eating all day long.

I’m a lifelong traveler. I made many trips to India as a child and teenager to visit grandparents and extended family members. Time spent with my late grandparents is time which I will always cherished. I remember my late grandmother making ladoos (South Asian sweet balls) for me by hand when she wasn’t in the best physical condition. I remember watching Indian soap operas where the men and women would wake up looking all decked up and just perfect. This was the original “Woke Up Like This“, waayy before the Beyonce song existed. What an oxymoron but its true! It was a type of comedy. Apart from India, I also went to Canada as a child. Since 2012, I’ve visited 13 additional countries. I have plans to add to that list every year. My travel style mimics my father. We both like to carry back bags, cameras and like to see everything when we travel. Its called maximizing the amount of time you spend in one place or city. I’ve slowly learned that relaxing on vacation is allowed and its not necessary to visit every single museum or sight in town. My mother, sister and brother will appreciate that 🙂

My goal is simple. To travel as much I can. I’m a full-time software engineer by profession and truly love all things technology and programming. My career choice fortunately provides the financial means to travel comfortably a few times a year. Like most professions, my career choice also somewhat limits the amount of time I can spend traveling. Typical Catch 22 scenario.

In addition to travel, I also love to long distance running. I’ve done two “destination” half marathons this far. I hope to finish many more in the future. Running tourism is definitely a thing nowadays. I’m also a Sikh and enjoy visiting Gurdwaras in other countries and cities. I like to combine all facets of my life into travel – my profession, my culture, my heritage, my hobbies. Travel shouldn’t be an isolated part of your life.

While the world is physically big, its small enough for us to be friends. The joy of traveling bridges gaps. It makes us appreciate and embraces our differences.

Enjoy my blog and please share your feedback.