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Throwback: I “broke” into a Chiang Mai Gurdwara

Given the title of this post, I probably sound like an incredibly bad person. Absolutely downright awful. Just terrible. But hold on and hear me about. It’s a story with a memorable ending. After all, traveling is all about creating new memories.

Thailand has about 20 Sikh temples, or Gurdwaras. My trip to Southeast Asia (Thailand and Cambodia) was 19 days long; Continue reading Throwback: I “broke” into a Chiang Mai Gurdwara

Cambodia. Beyond Angkor.

In November 2016, your wannabe vagabond spent a few days in Cambodia. So why Cambodia? Why Siem Reap specifically? Answer: Travel goals, bucket list, 52 page passport, Angkor Wat, the whole nine yards. Typical tourist reasons. I’m a total geek for architecture, temples and all things history. Did Angkor Wat meet my expectations? Heck yes! It was everything I expected and more. Bayon, Ta Prohm, Angkor.  Even in the endless heat and humidity (my shirt was literally dripping with sweat!) and with an occasional downpour or two, Angkor was a feast for both the eyes and mind. Continue reading Cambodia. Beyond Angkor.